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Tour itinerary

From the beginning of past century Jews settled up all over Buenos Aires. But most significative Jewish organizations were held in Once, which still has a strong Jewish presence.
We are going to take a walk around Once to appreciate it’s Jewish heritage: kosher shops, synagogues, yeshivas, Jewish schools, and several Jewish organizations such as AMIA (the Jewish Community Center) and Hebraica.

Next to Plaza Houssay we can appreciate the murals painted by Mariano AntedoménicoMartín Ron, and Mariela Ajras. The first mural depicts the moment right after AMIA’s explosion, the second shows the hospital who received the victims, and the third is a plea for justice for the victims.

Plaza Embajada de Israel, a square at the junction of Arroyo and Suipacha in the Retiro neighbourhood. The site is now a very tranquil place for contemplation, converted into a park graced by 22 trees and seven benches to represent the people who died in the embassy bombing. The outline of the once-elegant building remains on the adjacent structure, like a ghost speaking for the dead. This open-air memorial is the only major Jewish memorial and historical site open to the public not requiring an appointment or identification to visit.

Libertad Synagogue is probably the most outstanding synagogue of Buenos Aires. The Comunidad Israelita de la República Argentina (CIRA) was the first Jewish Community of Argentina, founded in the second half of the XX century.
Next to the synagouge, the Jewish Museum of Buenos Aires shows through it’s permanent exhibition the history of the Jews in Argentina and the agricultural colonies of the Jewish Colonization Association (JCA), widely know as the ICA. The museum also holds a very rare collection of Sephardic toras from the Middle East.

The tour takes about 4 hours. And, of course, as Jewish tradition commands,  we will finish the tour with delicious and traditional Jewish food!

More information: ariel.raber@gmail.com


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